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Vieux-Mareuil Details

The town of Vieux-Mareuil in the Dordogne region is found just forty kilometers from the town of Perigueux on the National Road 139. Legend has it that the town gets its name from a Roman official who once lived in the area, Lucius Marullus. The Belle, or Beautiful River, runs through the town, with rich, green foliage lining the banks. The entire town is part of the Parc Naturel Regional Perigord Limousin, the region’s natural park, making for some beautiful scenery to enjoy.Some of the earliest residents in the area left paintings in the cave at Frosnac – approximately in the same era as those at Lascaux. The current village is built on the ruins of a Gallo-Roman villa, which was excavated beginning in the 19th century. The central feature of the current village is the Chateau of Chanet, which you will likely be near no matter which hotel in Vieux-Mareuil you choose.