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Besançon is one of the greenest cities in France. This medium sized city of 115,000 inhabitants is located at the foot of the Jura Mountains. Here, you will find many excellent spots that provide for great outdoor activities during the weekend. Besançon is partly enclosed by the Doubs River, along which you will find the 17th century Citadelle built by the great Vauban. The most important religious building in Besançon is the 12th century St. Jean Cathedral, which is home to the famous clock tower Horloge Astronomique. Another historic structure that is very popular among tourists is the 16th century Palais Granvelle. Besançon is home to one of the finest collections of artworks outside of Paris. The Musée des Beaux Arts features works of master painters such as Bellini, Titian, Rubens, Goya, Fragonard, David, Courbet, Bonnard, Picasso and others. The town of Besançon holds an annual festival called the Festiv'été between the months of June and September. If you are looking for cheap Besançon hotels, you can try looking for them around the city center. Or you can find some useful information at the travel site, such as the locations of hotels in Besançon and the availability of discount hotels. Besançon is a big city with a great variety of hotels. You will definitely find some Besançon hotels that will meet your budget and travel needs.