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Chances are, if youre visiting Goumois or anywhere in the Doubs department, youre doing so for outdoor, natural attractions and sports. When you pick an hotel in Goumois or the surrounding towns, youre ensuring a stay in some of the most enjoyable countryside in France. Outdoor activities are so popular in the region that although there is Alpine skiing on Metabief, many villages, hamlets, or family groups have created their own ski lifts and slopes. Theres not just skiing to enjoy, though. You can also find horseback riding, kayaking and other boating activities, and plenty of fishing.The Valley of the Two Lakes is a popular location for boating and sunbathing on one of several beaches. When you venture outside of Goumois, be sure to take a trip to the village of Lods. It was voted one of the most beautiful villages of France, and one visit will help you to understand why. Other sights in the department include the Citadel of Besancon, the Castle of Joux, the Castle of Montbeliard and the incredible Osselle Grotto.