Hotels in Villers-le-Lac

Villers-le-Lac Details

Villers-le-Lac is ideally situated on the border between Switzerland and France. As such, many of the hotels in Villers-le-Lac available through offer beautiful views of this area that are unparalleled anywhere else. The Villers-le-Lac hotels cater to guests year round, but are often incredibly busy during the winter ski season. This small, historic village has a great deal of history both in tourism as well as in the culinary arts. One very unique place to visit while in Villers-le-Lac is the Museum of the Kitchen, complete with a variety of cooking utensils and inventions from the area. In addition the Musee de l'horlogerie honors the many clock makers that come from both in the village and within the Doubs area.While staying at one of the many luxury and budget hotels in Villers-le-Lac, plan to spend a day or two hiking in the area. Saut du Doubs offers natural beauty and lots of places to walk and enjoy nature, a perfect outing for the whole family. For those that enjoy the outdoors year round there are biking trails, ski routes and wonderful trekking paths to explore.