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Valaurie, a smaller mountain village located in the Drôme province of France, is an ideal get away for any period of time. offers a variety of Valaurie hotels to meet any traveler's requirements, plus offers discount Valaurie hotels for those on a budget. The hotels in Valaurie can provide visitors with ideas for places to see and things to do, however there are a few attractions that shouldn't be missed.One of the unique places to visit that is easily accessible from any of the hotels in Valaurie are the ancient ruins of the castle. Although the complete structure is no longer standing, the view from the areas around the towers and ramparts is breathtaking. The church Saint-Martin, located just a short distance from the town, gives a glimpse into the construction and architecture of the 11th and 12th century and is a great place to hike to for a picnic. For an after dinner drink or a tour, you may also want to plan to visit the Distillerie artisanale Eyguebelle. This distillery makes wines, liqueurs and syrups and has an amazing array of locally produced items.