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      There are many interesting things that anyone can do in Valence, and this makes the town one of the favored tourist destinations in France. One of the best pleasures that one can have here is taking a boat trip down the River Rhone, where one can take in some of the best sights of Valence.To be able to catch a boat that will take you down the River Rhone, you will have to go to the Port L'Eperviere. This beautiful port that can be found at the edge of the old town is filled with small launches and expensive yachts that can take you on a wonderful cruise down the river. There are many great French authors who have told tales of traveling on this river, and among them is Victor Hugo. So, if you want to live out the fantasy spun by these authors, then getting on one of these Rhone cruises is definitely a must-do for you. Through this, you will be treated to some of the most spectacular sights of Valence, which includes the valley and the small communities that line the river.