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Chilly Mazarin Details

Located just 25 minutes south of Paris, Chilly-Mazarin is a great place to stay when you visit Paris for a weekend. Chilly-Mazarin is the location of the Orly International Airport where part of the airport is located in Chilly-Mazarin. Hotels are near to this airport and you can stay there while planning your trip. While you are staying in one of the hotels in Chilly-Mazarin, you may as well visit the L'église Saint-tienne, the L'Hôtel de ville and the Town Hall. Chilly-Mazarin cheap hotels can easily be located and you can make a reservation online in Discount hotels Chilly-Mazarin is barely five miles from Palaiseau, Fontaine-Michallon, Antony and Croix de Berny, some of the top tourist spots in Paris. There are cabs available that can take you to these places and guided tours too. You can contact your hotel in advance so that they can look for a qualified tour guide for you in town or around Paris.