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      An hours drive southwest from Paris will lead to Chartres. If you are there for the weekend, Chartres will open your eyes to one of the richest Gothic churches in France, the Cathédrale Notre-Dame. Built during the 10th century, the cathedral can be found along with other century old houses called the Old Town. Hotels in Chartres are everywhere; some even have the view of this magnificent Cathedral. There are also Chartres hotels close to another building built during the 16th century, the glise Saint Aignan. If you like the arts, there are some museums that you can visit such as Maison de l'archeologie, Le Museum des sciences naturelles et prehistoire and Musée des Beaux Arts. When you are traveling on a budget, you can check out the discount hotels. Chartres provides accommodation to fit every need and you can learn more about Chartres cheap hotels at Aside from the churches and museums, there are other civil structures you can visit in Chartres. Le theatre de Chartres, a theater that existed since the 19th century and the Centre International du Vitrail, a glass factory that is known worldwide are two more attractions you can visit in Chartres.