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International Stained Glass Center Details

There are many interesting attractions in France that are really worth the time of any tourist. These are scattered all over the cities and towns of the country and one of them is the International Stained Glass Center. One of the best attractions in Chartres, this center is one of the very few of its kind worldwide.House in a beautiful half-timbered granary that has not been used for many, many years, the International Stained Glass Center is an exhibition space and a museum that has a number of the greatest collections of stained glass that you could not find anywhere else in the world. These collections range from those made of the earliest techniques to the most modern ones that are being made at this present date. As among the attractions in Chartres, the center has a workshop where visitors can view the experts making stained glass. They can also try making their own stained glass here.

Address: 5, rue du Cardinal Pie, 28000 Chartres, France