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    Dreux is a French town, which is located in the Eure et Loir departement. Visitors to this area have long considered Dreux as an area where they can go to enjoy a vacation of ease and bliss. There is always something to do and see in this city and the surrounding area. You can enjoy medieval gardens, museums, religious buildings, and other Dreux structures that are centuries old. If you will be interested in booking one of the cheap hotels in Dreux, make sure you do so well before your arrival. It can be quite disappointing to be unable to find a hotel of the quality you were expecting because you waited until the last minute.Those who enjoy hiking and fishing will want to find lodging as close to the woods and lakes that surround Dreux. If you are the outdoorsy type and enjoy hiking or mountain biking, there are many hiking trails in this area as well. You will be pleased to discover that the budget hotels in Dreux are facilities that have just about everything a traveler would need to have a pleasant stay.