Hotels in Bernay

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Bernay Details

The small city of Bernay is located in Normandy about 50km (roughly 31 miles) south of Rouen. The city is easily accessible by car or train. You can find accommodation at a hotel in central Bernay, and hotels can also be found around Bernay in the neighboring villages and countryside. Use to locate cheap hotels or discounted rates at hotels in and around Bernay.Bernay is famed for its 11th-century Norman Romanesque Benedictine abbey, which dominates the historic town center. The abbey was established by Judith of Brittany after her marriage to Richard II, the duke of Normandy. A 16th-century addition to the abbey now houses the Beaux Arts museum. Houses in older parts of Bernay date from the Middle Ages. Some of these historic buildings along the Rue Gaston Foloppe now house antique shops. The area around Bernay was long famous for its cloth manufacture, and is still well known for its agricultural abundance. Open markets and street fairs are held regularly in Bernay and the surrounding countryside.