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An hours drive west of Paris can bring you to a small village named Connelles. Vallée de la Seine is often visited because of the various water activities available. For an action packed weekend, Connelles offers visitors a busy weekend where you can go fishing, kayaking, hiking through the woods and even camping. You can also find in Connelles, Eglise Saint-Vaast, the 12th century church reflecting the past of the town. Theres also a 15th century manor which was renovated in the 18th century. In between the renovation, it was said that this manor used to be a barn or a farm.Most of the hotels in Connelles can be found near the valley or their church. Connelles hotels can arrange a tour around the area where you can see the natural richness of Connelles. Cheap hotels are also the perfect place to stay when you wanted to visit nearby tourist sites of Giverny and Rouen. You may also check out the discount hotels Connelles has to offer in