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A picturesque city in between Paris and the Channel, the Evreux is another great tourist destination. It has a lot of tourist attractions that will leave you snapping pictures until your finger goes "pop". Check out the Francois Mitterand garden for a relaxing stroll and discover the wonderful spectrum of flora. The Cathedral of Notre-Dame is a beautiful church from the 18th century that has inspirations and architectures of astounding insights. It has beautiful stained glass and Renaissance iron grills. The 15th century Bishops Palace is another site to behold. It is now the home of the Municipal Museum. Dont forget to visit the Tour de lHorloge which is a clock tower built in 1490.Worried youre on a tight budget is here to help. You can find cheap Evreux hotels within the area right here. It had been said, there's more than meets the eye in the more fancy hotels in Evreux. So whether youre looking for accessible Evreux hotels, budget, or luxury ones, youll find what you need. Plan now for a wild weekend, Evreux opens her arms for you!