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      Le Chateau de Trangis Details

      As the history of France was filled with stories of aristocrats living in castles, it can be expected that among the attractions in the country are these grand structures, one of which is the Chateau de Trangis. One of the number of large chateaus in its area, the castle is definitely among the Epernay attractions that have gained quite a number of visitors.Because of its size, the Chateau de Trangis is regarded as one of the dominating structures in the town. Since the architecture of the castle is extremely beautiful, it can be understood why there are many people who see the chateau as among the best Epernay attractions. The home of the rulers of the region in the past, a lot of the houses that are near to the castle were also the homes of the servants of the chateau's occupants. At present, a lot of people enjoy the fine gardens of the castle while they admire its beauty and marvel at its history.

      Address: Rue du Plus que Tout 27000 vreux, France