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Saint-Pierre-du-Vauvray is located in the French region of Eure. Saint-Pierre-du-Vauvray and the surrounding areas are a tourists dream, as there is lots to see and to do. Next door to Saint-Pierre-du-Vauvray is the city of Giverny, which is well known as the location of French artist Claude Monets extensive gardens and former home. Both have been carefully maintained to look much as they must have appeared when Monet was alive. There is also a museum here called the Museum of Impressionisms Colors Garden.There is also an American Art Museum in Giverny, as well as the Natural Mechanical Museum. The famous River Seine is not very far from Saint-Pierre-du-Vauvray. Restaurants in Saint-Pierre-du-Vauvray benefit from being so close to Paris. Foods served here tend to be a bit more sophisticated, but still good local style French cuisine. Hotels in Saint-Pierre-du-Vauvray are charming and peaceful. Those who are on a travel budget will more than likely be searching for a discount Saint-Pierre-du-Vauvray hotel. These do exist, and there is no better place to find them than at Your Saint-Pierre-du-Vauvray hotel will be simple to locate and to book at this website.