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    Audierne is a small town that is well known as a fishing port and a sea resort. It is located in the French region of Finistere. The beach at Audierne is a popular spot for both locals and tourists to gather. The usual water sports that one would expect to go on at a beach are popular here as well. They include water skiing, fishing, and surfing, sailing, and diving. There is a daily boat trip, which leaves Audierne and heads over to Ile de Sein island, providing good clean fun for all ages. Budget hotels in Finistere are ideally situated close by the most popular attractions and venues of the area.Also popular in Audierne are golf and power walking. Visit the beach on any given afternoon, and you will see both couples and singles walking for exercise. The wonderful climate allows almost any activity to be carried out year round.  Since they are located in a fishing village, restaurants in Audierne naturally feature freshly caught seafood prominently on their menus. Cheap hotels in Finistere are in demand because of the close proximity to the beach. For best results, book your hotel room early. can help you to do just that. Check out their extensive listing of French hotels.