Hotels in Eglise Notre Dame de la Mer/Our Lady of the Sea

    Eglise Notre Dame de la Mer/Our Lady of the Sea Details

    In the town of Benodet, a structure does not have to be ancient to be regarded as a great attraction. This is because there are a number of new buildings in the town that have gained the acclaim of being among the revenue earners for Benodet's tourism. One of these is the Eglise Notre Dame de la Mer or the Our Lady of the Sea Church.While the church could be found in the central area of the town as compared to the other main churches in Benodet, the Notre Dame de la Mer is the newest among the lot. Constructed in the 1960's, the church was conceptualized in such a way that it fitted right in with the ancients streets that skirt it. One of the highlights of this beautiful structure that have made it one of the contributors to Benodet's tourism, is its floor. This was lifted from a building that was erected during the 16th century. There are a number of fittings and fixtures in the church that were original items from more ancient churches or finely-made replicas as well.

    Address: 42000 Saint-tienne, France