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    Benodet is one of the many towns and cities in France where you can find a great number of beaches. Just like these other places, the town has its share of popular beaches and the less famous ones that can oftentimes offer the seclusion and peace that some tourists look for in beaches. One of the more quiet beaches in the town, which is still considered to be among the attractions in Benodet is the Plage du Coq.Located at the river's estuary, where it meets the sea, the beach can be found a bit further away from the main areas of the town compared with the other popular beaches. However, it still provides an ideal location to catch some sun, especially if you want to take in the sunset. While it may not be bustling with activity like the other more popular beach attractions in Benodet, Plage du Coq provides the intimated and peaceful ambiance that you could desire if you just want to commune with nature.