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    As a seaside town, one of Benodet's attractions that you must not miss is its Pyramid Lighthouse. This is not only because the lighthouse is a splendid structure from the past, but also because it holds a great meaning to the lives of the people in the town. The architecture of the lighthouse is also not to be taken lightly.If you are approaching the town of Benodet from the sea, the first sight that will meet you is the Pyramid Lighthouse. As one of Benodet's attractions, this lighthouse provides an inspiring image of the town from the sea. Built in the year 1872, it is over 48 metres in height and served as the protective light that steered seafaring men away from the craggy rocks that could be found surrounding the entryway of the estuary of the Ordent. The admirable workmanship of the lighthouse is also well-worth a closer look.

    Address: Corniche de la Mer, Bénodet 29950, France