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    Jardin Kennedy Details

    There is such a thing as an oasis amidst the bustling and hectic cities in France. This can be found right in the gardens of the country where a great number are set right in the center of its highly advanced and civilized communities. One of such gardens is the Jardin Kennedy, which offers one of the best things to do in Brest, which is relaxing after a busy day.Located right at the heart of Brest's old town area, the Jardin Kennedy is just within walking distance of the commercial area of the city. Because of this, it is an ideal venue for resting after you have enjoyed some of the things to do in Brest, which are shopping and sightseeing for a tourist or working for any local. Flanked by huge old trees, the park has been designed to specifically provide an ambiance that speaks of being away from the noises of the city. Its flowerbeds and rows of hedges also add to the feeling of being in an oasis that it provides tranquility to locals and tourists alike.

    Address: Rue du Château, 29200 Brest, France