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Tuna lovers will certainly enjoy when they visit Concarneau on a weekend. Concarneau is known around France for its vast tuna production. Aside from tuna, history can also be found in various structures located in this fishing village. These are reflected in their museum, the Musée de la Pêche, the Marinarium, where education and fun are infused to inform the visitors of its seas and their annual Fête des Filets Bleus or the Festival of the Blue Nets, held annually in July. Le Château de Kériolet built during the 1800s shows a remarkable display of Gothic and Neo-Gothic architecture. You can find all the structures in the idyllic La Ville Close. Some of the Concarneau hotels are near the port where you can enjoy the delicious fresh catches of the day. You can find good hotels in Concarneau via Also, make it a point to check out the discount hotels. Concarneau is known for the many gastronomical extravaganzas which leave many a traveler wondering about the sea. For this purpose, you may want to choose one of the Concarneau cheap hotels so you can spend more of other things.