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    Located in the western end of France is the village of Crozon. This town draws a good crowd especially during the summer weekend. Crozon is known for its beaches thats a perfect destination for everyone during summer. Choose from the beaches of La Grande Plage de Morgat, Plage du Portzic, La Plage de lAber, Plages de Kersiguénou et de Goulien, Plage de Losmarch et la Palue and Plage de Trezh-Rouz in one of your stays here. These beaches when combined totals to more than 12 kilometers of pristine shores. Aside from the beautiful beaches, be mesmerized by the beautiful architectures that surrounds the area such as the Léglise Saint Pierre de Crozon and La Fontaine de Trébér which are popular tourist destinations drawing nearly 150,000 visitors a year.Every summer, hotels in Crozon are packed especially those on the beach front. You can get yourself a great rate online if you book in advance through where you can find many discount hotels. Crozon has many water activities that you can enjoy. Since water sports can be costly, it may be a good idea to put up at the Crozon cheap hotels. You can also request from some of the Crozon hotels to give you a tour around the village and others near to it.