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Fouesnant is a town known for its traditional headdress and costumes. Famous for ciders, it is now also known as the Cidre de Cornouaille. Fouesnant is located in the southern coast of Brittany, with 9,403 inhabitants. It is the most important sea resort of Finistère since its municipal territory includes scenic places such as Beg-Meil, Cap Coz, Mousterlin and the Glénan Isles. This town attracts visitors because of the different festivals it celebrates. Festivals like Fête des Pommiers (Apple Tree Festival) and St. Ann, St. Guénolé and Kerbader's pardons (religious festivals specific to Brittany) are great crowd pullers. Due to the incoming visitors to take part in the festivals, there are more hotels in Fouesnant that visitors can select from. Fouesnant hotels vary according to the needs and wants of the visitors. If you prefer to book the discount hotels, Fouesnant has many packages for your family at Most travelers come to spend an uplifting weekend. Fouesnant residents are very accommodating and friendly. In Fouesnant, cheap hotels are provided during the off season to attract visitors to enjoy their place.