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Morlaix provides an alternative entrance for visitors from England. Morlaix Ploujean Airport is the gateway for most of the visitors from England who want to enjoy the western side of France rather than going directly to Paris. Once you settle in this town for the weekend, Morlaix will surprise you with their architecture that proves the town is really worth visiting. Going around town, you will certainly pass by the Viaduct that can be seen from any point of the town. Theres also the Jacobin Convent thats now a museum. The convent became important in history when Mary the Queen of Scots spent a night here when she was just five years old. Theres also the Church of St Mathieu, a 16th century church that is mostly Renaissance in design.Its better to have a travel package with Morlaix hotels when you visit this place. In a travel package, youll get to stay in discount hotels Morlaix has to offer. Some even add a free tour when you book your hotels in Morlaix. If you wish to check out some of the Morlaix cheap hotels, you can find a competitive list in