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    The tourist attractions in any place are mostly related to its history, culture and heritage, as well as to the other particularities that it can offer to visitors, like the age-old industries that are present in an area. One such attraction is the Pottery Museum, which is definitely one of the main contributors to Quimper's tourism.Located behind the HB Henriot pottery factory, which can be found along the river in Quimper, the museum has been representing one of the lifebloods of the industrial market of Breton for quite a number of years. This museum is filled with many pottery exhibits that were made during the hundreds of years that the industry has been practiced in the area, and it allows for group tours to be conducted within its premises. As one of the great players in Quimper's tourism, the exhibition in the museum presents the tale of pottery in the town from way back in the past to the recent times. It shows visitors how pottery styles were developed and why there are still so many people who love the products created here.

    Address: 14 Rue Jean Baptiste Bousquet, 29000 Quimper, France

    Phone: +33 2 98 90 12 72