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The beautiful seaside town of Trégunc is located in the southern part of France known as the Finistère region. The city itself is only a short drive from Concarneau and Quimper, making it an ideal central vacation area. Hotels in Trégunc are simple to reserve using, and allow you to plan your holiday right from the comfort of your home. When considering the many discount Trégunc hotels, be sure to check their location in relation to the over 23 kilometers of coastline that surround this city.For families, budget Trégunc hotels offer terrific deals. The whole family will enjoy a trip to the port of Trévignon to see the boats and the fishermen bring in their catch. The outstanding sandy beaches, wild dune areas and the lakes around to town offer areas to hike and explore or just sit and relax. It is also important while staying in Trégunc to make time to stop in the historic district and see the Standing Stone constructions, found only in this area of France. The most famous of the standing stones is the Kerangallou, which is over 31 feet tall and topped with a cross. The Saint Marc Church, a great example of neo gothic architecture, also features beautiful, one of a kind stained glass windows that are truly remarkable to see.