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    Located in the deep south of France is the village of Collias. This village with less than 1,000 inhabitants draws visitors for its amazing caves that had existed even before history was written. Some of these caves are known as the Hermitage of Collias. When you are in Collias, you may as well visit their 16th century Chateau and the Mansion that was also built in the same century. These structures represent the Renaissance architecture in the area. Theres also the 19th Century church with Byzantine persuasion and the Chapelle de I'Ermitage that is predominantly romantic. Many hotels in Collias are near to these splendid structures. Because of these structures, the village of Collias has become a relaxing alternative for a quick vacation in the weekend. Collias is proud of their heritage and continues to preserve these places. Since there are so much to explore, it may be a good idea to stay in the discount hotels. Collias may be just a small town but you can be assured of their hospitality and convenience. Collias cheap hotels can be booked in Some of the Collias hotels can even show you around the village with their tourist guides.