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      This bustling town in the southern part of France is perfect for anyone who wants to have historical weekend. Nîmes is a town full of structures from the Roman Era and most of them have been preserved or restored. The most imposing of these structures is the Amphitheater. Built between the 1st and 2nd century AD, this structure is still in use for various occasions such as bullfights and concerts. Next is the Cathédrale Notre-Dame-et-Saint-Castor, built during the 12th century. This church is known to have a combination of Roman and Gothic architecture. Theres also the 5th Century Maison Carrée: A magnificent Roman Architecture that has all the features of a Temple; not for the gods but for the sons of Augustus. There are lots of museums but the one that you shouldnt miss is the Musée Archéologique, housed in a former Jesuit College, it displays the everyday objects from the Gallo-Roman period.There are many hotels in Nîmes and most of them can be booked online in If you are looking for discount hotels, Nîmes has plenty to offer. Some of the Nîmes hotels have their own tourist guides so they can arrange a tour for you if you desire it. Added to these perks, Nîmes hotels are near to these historical places. Some of the Nîmes cheap hotels are even housed in buildings of great architecture! Take your pick!