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Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres is a lovely little village in Frances Gard region. It is quite close to the town of Avignon, around 15 to 20 minutes away. Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres is nestled among the vineyards that are scattered around this area, and is a wonderful place to settle back and relax in a pleasing atmosphere. Take a tour of some of these vineyards, and while you are there, attend a wine tasting. Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres is a great place for you to stay, as it is surrounded not just by Avignon, but also by Provence and Languedoc. This gives visitors to the area many options for attractions and venues to visit. You will definitely want to see the Popes Palace, also known as the Palais-des-Papes. This building is a huge and historic Gothic palace that became well known in the 14th century as the location where the Catholic popes of that time lived after the great Schism.Another historic attraction you will want to see is known as the Pont dAvignon, which is also called the St. Benezet Bridge. Situated on the Rhone River, it was constructed during the 12th century by just one person, a shepherd with big dreams. Restaurants in Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres serve international cuisine as well as French dishes, and the ambience in these restaurants is superb. Hotels in Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres are clean and tastefully decorated, and you will find warm and welcoming staff in each. Are you in need of a discount Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres hotel Your travel budget will get a boost by taking advantage of the listings available at A great Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres hotel room at a great price can be yours quickly and easily at this website.