Hotels in Arcachon Beach

Arcachon Beach Details

There are so many people who head on to places with beaches during their holidays. Because of this, Arcachon in France has become one of the tourist destinations that people head on to during summers when the sun is out and there is fun to be had in beaches everywhere. The reason for all the activities in Arcachon that happen during summers is the Arcachon beach.The beach is considered as the heart of what the locals in Orange know and call as the summer quarter. It stretches for more than a kilometre of area along Archachon's northern coast and directly looks out into the idyllically picturesque Arcachon Basin. Visitors and locals alike flock to this beach every summer, where they enjoy some sun and fun activities in Arcachon. There are also a series of facilities that could be found along the back of the beach where refreshments like food and drinks can be found all throughout the day.