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In a town like Arcachon where there are a lot of sights and attractions that can fill the days of any tourist or local out to have some fun, there is never a dull day for anyone. One of the things to do in Arcachon is getting on the cruises that set out to the Cap Ferret.So, if you are not afraid to take on some breeze and you are equipped with a fine pair of sea legs, then you could head for the main jetty in town. Here you can choose among the selections of cruises that leave Arcachon for the Cape Ferret area. In the summer months, getting on the regular trips to Cap Ferret to take in some of the best sights offered by the Arcachon Basin is one of the greatest things to do in Arcachon to be included in anyone's itinerary. There are usually tourist guides that come with these cruises, who will talk visitors through the sights and attractions that they are passing. These guides are well-versed in several languages, including English.

Address: 2 Bis, Avenue de l'Ocean, Cap Ferret, 33950 Lege-Cap-Ferret, France