Hotels in Eyrac Beach

Eyrac Beach Details

If you are in Arcachon during the summer months and you want to head on to a beach that is not as bustling with activity as the main Arcachon beach, then you could go to the Eyrac Beach. Although this beach is slightly less well known than the main one, it is still one of the attractions in Arcachon that people visit.Located to the eastern side of the main area of the town centre, the Eyrac Beach has beautiful sands that wash up to the edge of the Arcachon Basin. While the beach might be extremely famous among the locals, it is not generally visited by tourists. Because of this, the beach provides a scene that is less busy. It also has lesser facilities near at hand. But, when it comes to the views of the Arcachon Basin, this beach offers the best when it comes to the breathtaking ones, especially during a summer's day. This makes the Eyrac Beach definitely one of the attractions in Arcachon that one should not miss visiting at least once.