Hotels in Bazas

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Bazas Details

Bazas is located in the southwestern part of France. With its famed churches and wonderful museums, this historic town provides the perfect environment for a cultural trip over the weekend. Bazas was once a major religious center in the region and this is reflected in the magnificent architecture of the 5th century church of St. John the Baptist Cathedral. The 18th century Lapothicairerie de lhôpital Saint-Antoine is another popular attraction among tourists, along with Le Musée de Bazas which showcases artifacts that relate to the history of the town. Bazas is also known as a town of festivals, and every year the townspeople will celebrate the Fete des Boeufs Gras, or the Parade of the Bazas cattle, in February and the Fetes de le St. Jean in June. There is also an excellent golf course called the Golf des Graves et du Sauternais for those who are interested in the sport.You will find many different types of hotels in Bazas, including discount hotels. Bazas hotels provide travel services that bring you to various attractions of the town. For more information about Bazas hotels, you can visit the travel site to find out the locations and availability of Bazas cheap hotels.