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If during your visit to France you plan to spend several days in the city of Bordeaux, then you've got to know that there are many interesting things that you can find here. One of these is the Maison de l'Eau. This museum is one of the only few museums in the world that are totally dedicated to water. Because of this, it has garnered quite a lot of visitors who have all contributed to the growth of tourism in Bordeaux.The fascinating exhibition that is housed in this museum takes visitors on a great journey through the history of how water is used all over the world. Everything inside the museum have made it a great contributor to the revenues earned by the tourism in Bordeaux. Among these are models and pictures of the splendid aqueducts that can be found in France. Other interesting information as well as artifacts, all pertaining to water can also be found in this center. You will know of the ways water is consumed all over the world and the different processes that it has to go through.

Address: 35 Cours Georges Clemenceau, 33000 Bordeaux, France

Phone: +33 5 56 48 38 40