Hotels in Lacanau

Lacanau Details

Lacanau is known for its golden beaches, located on the Medioc sea and providing access to some of the best swimming and surfing around. The city itself, however, is a sight to behold. The buildings in Lacanau were, with few exceptions, not designed by architects, making them incredibly unique examples of French architecture as interpreted by artisan professionals. The city is also home to many golf courses, always a popular draw, three horseback riding clubs and some of the best windsurfing beaches around. The town is also host to a casino which makes for exciting nightlife year round!There are a number of hotels in Lacanau and takes the mystery out of how to find the best one for your vacation. Staying in Lacanau means sleeping amongst some of the most incredible buildings in France and the hotels in Lacanau are often examples of the creative architecture themselves!