Hotels in Le Pian-Médoc

Le Pian-Médoc Details

Le Pian-Medoc is located in near Bordeaux, France. It is a wonderful travel spot because of its proximity to both Frances wine country and the beautiful Atlantic beaches of the South of France. From here you can tour many wineries, find fabulous French food and enjoy the wonderful sights. When youre ready for a day to relax, drive to the beaches, just a few kilometers away. Some of the sights youll want to be sure to see include the mighty sand dune, Dune du Pyla, which is more than 110 meters high and 3 km in length. Youll also want to check out the Church of St. Radegonde, which dates back to 1094. The church is quite impressive and the views from it are spectacular. Plan some extra time so that you can enjoy the quaint shops and cafes in the village surrounding the church. The Troglodyte Caves are a bit further away (70 km), but make a great day trip. These caves are set into the cliffs along the coast of the Gironde River. They were used as refuge for Protestants during the religious wars. All along the way, youll find great traditional French accommodations, including some wonderful hotels in Le Pian-Medoc, France.