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    Merignac is a town of about 64,000 permanent residents located in the French province of Gironde. It is a suburb of Bordeaux, situated just west of that population center. The town, which is the second-biggest in the Bordeaux region, straddles the Deveze River. It is a prosperous city, hosting many of France's biggest aviation companies. Its location near the Airport de Bordeaux - Merignac assures a constant stream of visitors, so Merignac hotels are full virtually year-round.

    In addition to aviation, the city of Merignac is famous for its numerous castles and other historical monuments. The city boasts three famous chateaux (castles), which comprise its three biggest attractions: the Chateau Bourran, built at the end of the 19th century along the classical model; the Tour de Veyrines, an ancient dungeon dating from the 14th century; and the castle called the Maison Noble du Parc, dating from the 13th century. To find hotels in Merignac close to these attractions, check out sites like before you visit.