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Baldersheim is a great place for a quiet getaway, or a peaceful break in a busy routine. Located in the Alsace region of France, it is not far from Mulhouse or Colmar, so the tourist attractions there are minutes away. In Mulhouse, for example, you might visit Electropolis (the electricity museum), The French National Railway Museum, the Musee National de l'Automobile, the 16th Century Hotel de Ville (which is the Town Hall), the Place de la Bourse, the Temple St Etienne, the Museum of Printed Textiles, the zoo, the Botanical Gardens, or the Saint Steffen Calvinist temple. In Colmar, whose architecture was the inspiration for Howl's Moving Castle, you can see the 14th Century Maison Adolph, the 15th Century Koifus aka the Ancienne Douane), the 16th Century Maison Pfister, the 16th Century Ancien Corps de garde, the 17th Century Maison des Chevaliers de Saint Jean, the 17th Century Maison des Tetes, the 18th Century Tribunal de grande instance,the 18th Century Hotel de Ville, the 19th Century Marche Couvert, the 19th Century Theatre Municipal, the 19th Century water tower (which is the oldest preserved water tower in Alsace), and the 20th Century Cour d'Appel.After a long day of sightseeing, you and your family can come back to quiet Baldersheim and relax over a good meal at the Cheval Blanc. By using, you can get a great deal at one of the budget hotels in Baldersheim, so that you and your family can really have a vacation to remember!