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Located in the north-east portion of France, Hagenthal-Le-Bas is a small town that is in the department of Haut-Rhin and the region of Alsace. This nice small town is where you can enjoy a great weekend. Hagenthal-Le-Bas is a famous get-away from the metropolitan life with just over 1000 residents. A monument of sorts, the Schaulager is a warehouse that houses art exhibitions. The Kunstmuseum Basel is a museum of art that displays many collections of 15th through 21st century art. Other museums in Hagenthal-Le-Bas include the Jewish Museum which has an extensive history on Jewish people, and the Architectural Museum which displays other works constructed by the architects of the Schaulager.Hagenthal-Le-Bas has many attractions to offer for a small, leisure-laden trip that will allow time for relaxation. Due to the small area of the town, most hotels in Hagenthal-Le-Bas are located around the center of town. In the center, some Hagenthal-Le-Bas cheap hotels can be found. Check out the discount hotels. Hagenthal-Le-Bas has much to offer. You can book the Hagenthal-Le-Bas hotels of your choice through