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In Northeastern France is to be found the village of Jungholtz, a laid-back, historic village with friendly, welcoming people. This village dates back to at least 1220. The city has several historical sites and Jungholtz is also home to modern hotels for those who wish to visit. The city is home to the oldest Jewish cemetery in the Upper Rhine region, it was built sometime in the 1600's and is still active today. The cemetery itself is located at the Castle Lords Jungholtz, a monument to this village's strategic importance through the ages. Probably the most famous landmark, however, is Theirenbach, a priory that is still the focus of pilgrimages and whose history dates back to the 1100's. Be sure to tour the Fountaine Saint-Antoine while you're here, as well, which dates to the 18th has access Jungholtz hotels for modern visitors to this historic town in all price ranges.