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    The tourism industry of Mulhouse is what it is now through the help of its many sights and attractions that have drawn in quite a number of visitors. Among these tourist-drawers are the museums, one of which is the Museum of Textile Printing. This museum is a product of Mulhouse being at the forefront of France's textile industry. The town has been known to produce quite a large amount of textiles for domestic use as well as those that were made to be exported across the globe. The Museum of Textile Printing, being one of the attractions that comprise the tourism industry of Mulhouse, is focused primarily on giving out the tale of the community's industrial side from the start of the 1800's, right up to its peak and then down to its decline in more recent times. Viewing the thousands of examples and the variety of exhibits makes visiting the museum quite an interesting experience.

    Address: 14 rue Jean-Jacques Henner, 68100 Mulhouse, France