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Munster is a town in the district of Haut Rhin in the Alsace region of eastern France. It is famous for storks and cheese. The storks can be seen in the Enclos Cigogne (Stork Enclosure) behind the Renaissance Hotel de Ville. The cheese is the notoriously smelly but delicious Munster cheese that was first made here by Irish monks in the 7th century. It is hand rubbed with a solution of rock, salt and water. Visitors in discount hotels in Munster learn that here the cheese is traditionally eaten with baked potatoes and finely chopped onions, accompanied by wine or beer. They are told that real Munster cheese is unlike anything bearing the same name in North America. You can buy the real thing at the Place du Marche food market on Tuesday and Saturday mornings.Visitors can still see the site of the 7th century monastery where Munster cheese was first made. They can also go to the Maison du Parc Naturel Regional des Ballons des Vosages for hiking maps and information on the Munster Valley. These will take you to mountaintop lookouts over the Alsace Plain and across the Rhine River to Germanys Black Forest. The nearby village of Gunsbach was the boyhood home of the great philanthropist Albert Schweitzer. It is now the headquarters of the International Albert Schweitzer Association. See our listings at for information on cheap hotels in Munster and vicinity.