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Ribeauville is a city that is located in the Haut-Rhin department and the Alsace region in France. It is a lovely city, well known for the Alsace wine that is produced here. There are two wine distilleries in Ribeauville, the Artisanale and the Windholtz. There are ten wine growers/wine cellars located in Ribeauville, and many of these have free tastings either as an event or as everyday occurrences. There are discount hotels in Ribeauville that are the perfect place to call home while you are in this beautiful French city.Those visitors who would enjoy a guided tour of Ribeauville as well as the Ribeauville town hall can take a free one during the entire month of May until October 1 of each year. The nightlife in Ribeauville is lively and varied, with a lot to both see and do. Concerts, theater, and nightclub functions are all possibilities for entertainment and enjoyment. You will find that the budget hotels in Ribeauville are centrally located and well decorated to suit a family or a group of conventioneers.