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Saint-Hippolyte is a little French town that is located in the region of Haut Rhin. This area is beautiful, as it is surrounded by mountains and lush green forests. Visitors who enjoy the great outdoors will enjoy the environment of Saint-Hippolyte, for it is superb for bicycling, skiing, hiking, and mountain climbing. Saint-Hippolyte has become a popular destination for those who enjoy wine. Several wineries are close by Saint-Hippolyte and the surrounding area, just waiting for tourists to come by, tour the vineyards and taste the various wines.Other attractions in Saint-Hippolyte and the surrounding areas include Colmar. The quaide poissonerie and the Issehheim altarpiece, located in the Musee d’ Unterlinden are well worth the time it will take for you to tour them. Restaurants in Saint-Hippolyte serve marvelous French food, paired with local wines for a memorable meal indeed. Hotels in Saint-Hippolyte provide lodging in a home-like atmosphere that is also quite modern. A cheap Saint-Hippolyte hotel room is not the rarity one might think it is. All you must do to locate a reasonably priced Saint-Hippolyte hotel in the area where you prefer to stay is to take advantage of the listings at