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          Bastia is located at the northern part of the Corsica region. This town of 40,000 inhabitants was once the capital of Corsica and it features many interesting sights that provide for a great cultural trip over the weekend. Bastia has rich cultural heritage and this is evident in the magnificent display of architecture from some of the important landmarks of the town. The Genoese Citadel was built between the 14th and 16th centuries and it houses the 15th century church of Sainte-Marie and the 16th century Chapelle Sainte-Croix where the ‘Christ des Miracles’ crucifix is kept. The old town of Terra Vecchia and the Place St-Nicolas are also favorite tourist attractions. If you are visiting Bastia during the month of March, you can witness the town’s major festival, the St Joseph’s Procession.There are many Bastia hotels around the Place St-Nicolas, which is the center of the town. You can find an extensive list of hotels in Bastia at, some of which are discount hotels. Bastia has a good range of hotels to suit every budget, and you can easily find Bastia cheap hotels that provide quality accommodation and great travel services.