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          Wherever you will go in France, you will be assured of being able to indulge in all kinds of activities to fill your days. While you can take in the rounds of museums and monuments, you can do more physical things like going for outdoor sports. The Objectif Nature is one of the places that offers great activities in Bastia that are sure to bring great fun to your holiday.You are assured of getting a different kind of fun if you will head on to the Objectif Nature. Here you will be accommodated by a friendly staff that will lead you on to experience a great selection of outdoor activities. The center will let you take on such activities in Bastia like both night and day sea fishing, kayaking, mountaineering, walking, mountain biking and diving. So, whatever outdoor activity you would like to try out during your holiday in town, you can do it through the help of the center.

          Address: 3 Rue Notre Dame de Lourdes, 20200 Bastia, France

          Phone: +33 4 95 32 54 34