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          Corte is located in the heart of the Corsica region of France set amidst the mountains and gorges of the interior. Nestled in the Tavignano valley, Corte hotels afford a commanding view of the barren, granite mountains which surround the town. Through the center of town runs the Cours Paoli. At the southern end of this street there are cafes, shops, and restaurants while at the other end lie business buildings. A climb from there up to ville haute will bring visitors in view of Place Gaffori, with its statue of General Gian' Pietru Gaffori, the house behind which was subject to a siege in the mid 18th century, and an the Church of the Anunciation. St. Theophilus, the towns patron, is memorialized at his birthplace, Oratoire St-Théophile. When youve explored the town thoroughly, make plans to stroll along the gorges of Tavignano and Restorica. There is also a viewing tower there, called Belvédère, from which to get a great view of a medieval tower.