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LIle-Rousse is a community in the Haute-Corse department of the French Mediterranean island of Corsica. It was founded in 1758 by the Corsican hero Pasquale Paoli to rival the town of Calvi. Lile-Rousse is one of the few communities on the island that actually has a French name, rather than an Italian one. In ancient times the site of this community was occupied by Phoenicians and then Romans, but was abandoned due to frequent pirate raids. Today its beaches are a big attraction for vacationers from Germany and Italy. For many people who book into discount hotels in LIle Rousse, this is the vacation gateway to Corsica.LIle-Rousse is beautifully located on a bay. It gets its name from rocky little islets of red porphyry. The beaches, in contrast, are of immaculate white sand. Visitors can tour the Old Town and see the fortifications. Anyone who comes here must take a walk along the Promenade a Marinella to the east of town, and Algajola to the west. Algajola can be reached by the quaint Tramway de la Balagne. You can also see an old Genovese watchtower and an ancient lighthouse. At the inland Parc de Saleccia you can see a gorgeous display of native Corsican flora. You can find information on cheap hotels in LIle-Rousse at