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A perfect example of a Bastide is the city of Revel. Bastides are the fortified towns during the 100 years War in France. Revel features a shape of an octagon with a grid street pattern. Discover the remarkable crafts of sculptures, bronze, and furniture created by the best craftsmen in the city through their exhibition hall called the Revel Art et Meuble. A 17th century Lake at Saint-Ferréol, created by Pierre Paul Riquet, serves as a key to Revels ingenious system. Its not just any lake. You and your kids will enjoy the 80 hectare park that goes with it. You can go swimming, boating, fishing, windsurfing, biking, mountain climbing, and hiking to name a few. While youre there, visit the Canal du Midi connected to the lake. In fact, it is a Worldwide Heritage Site classified by UNESCO.Learn more about Revel by making your booking now. has a lot of cheap Revel hotels for you. Check out the hotels in Revel that go for any kind of budget. Youll find discount hotels Revel has to offer, together with the luxury first class hotels too. For a fascinating weekend, Revel is packed with places to go, shopping, and leisure activities.