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    There are many exhibitions in France that are really worth viewing. This is because these displays usually cater to the interests or preferences of people who are interested in the culture and history of the place they are visiting. One of these is the collection found in the Ailes Anciennes Toulouse, which is regarded as one of the attractions in Toulouse that many people would have a great time visiting.The Ailes Anciennes Toulouse is an exhibition that focuses primarily on aircrafts. A wide range of aircrafts have been collected to become part of the impressive display that is featured in this center. As such, the center is among the best attractions in Toulouse that have gained the notice of quite a number of aircraft aficionados and even those who are just curious to see the collection. Of particular interest in the center are the Dakota, the German Starfighter, the ONERA Deltavieux, the MiG-29, the Vampire and the Belgian Thunderstreak.

    Address: 4 rue Béteille, Blagnac, France